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Party in the City

Friday 17th May, 2024

St Swithin's Church, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LY - there is ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on site.

This event is free for your friends and family to attend, as is everything on the night of Party in the City, the opening night of the Bath Festival.

There are two groups performing before us, starting at 6pm, so you can arrive a little early to enjoy the first group before heading down stairs as the second performance begins.

Following our performance will be Clarity Choir and Songways Choir, and there will be a whole selection of music all across the city throughout the evening:

6.50pm: warm-up/arranging positions (please arrive promptly and head downstairs)

7.30-8pm: performance


Music we will sing (in this order!):

It Had to Be You/You Made Me Love You

Time After Time


Dover Beach

The Wellerman


Look for the Light

Evening Song

Go the Distance

Please wear a smart and tidy outfit that is comprised of at least two colours from black, blue, and white.

Ladies, for example, might choose to wear a black dress with a white pashmina, or black trousers with a blue and white top. Any shade of blue is fine.

Gentlemen, please wear black trousers with either a long-sleeve black shirt & blue tie, or long-sleeve blue shirt & black tie.

A plain black, two-ring folder to hold all your music. Please ensure it has no stickers down the side. These are available from £1.50 - £3 at various high street shops.

As little 'stuff' with you as possible - items can be left with audience members or placed in a pile to one side as we go on stage, so needs to be kept to a minimum.

A bottle of water/squash to refresh your throat before singing.

What do you need

Dress Code

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