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Autumn Concert

Saturday 28th October, 2023

St. James' Church, Church Walk, Trowbridge, BA14 8DX

This concert is £6 for your friends and family to attend (one price for all). Tickets are on sale at rehearsals or can be bought on the door on the day from 4.30pm.

Autumn Concert 2023 POSTER.jpg

Please wear a smart and tidy outfit that is comprised of at least two colours from black, blue, and white.

Ladies, for example, might choose to wear a black dress with a white pashmina, or black trousers with a blue and white top. Any shade of blue is fine. Patterns are fine.

Gentlemen, please wear black trousers, a long-sleeve shirt, and a tie, keeping within the black/white/blue theme.

When to be there...

3pm: set-up/solo rehearsals

3.30pm: all choir warm-ups and brief rehearsal

4.20pm: end of rehearsal

4.30pm: doors open

5pm: concert begins

6pm: end of concert

6-6.30pm: refreshments at the church

When to be there...

A plain black, two-ring folder to hold all your music. Please ensure it has no stickers down the side. These are available from £1 - £3 at various high street shops & supermarkets.

A bottle of water/squash to refresh your throat throughout the afternoon.

A little cash, if you'd like to buy a hot drink and cupcake afterwards.

What you need

Can tickets be bought on the door on the day?


What refreshments will be available?

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, orange squash, and cupcakes will be available for purchase.


When to be there...

Papa Loves Mambo



Take a Chance on Me

Over the Sea

A Million Dreams

~ solo ~

Laudamus Te

A Whole New World

Hope is the Things with Feathers

Light of Grace

Ye Banks and Braes

Rock Around the Clock

~ solo~

A Tribute to Queen

The Bat

That Sunset

It's Halloween

Beautiful Day

Running Order

What to wear...

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